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App Design Tutorials and Tips to Help You Become a Better UI/UX Designer


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Learn by doing. Complete design essential training courses to grow your UI/UX knowledge and learn new tools by following real app design and prototyping processes.

Adobe XD - UI/UX Design Essential Training

Adobe XD is a brand new tool for UI/UX designers giving you the power to design entire apps from one program.

Figma - UI/UX Design Essential Training

Learn how to design a beautiful and engaging mobile app with Figma. Learn-by-doing approach.

Icon Design in Adobe XD - Essential Training

Learn the fundamentals of icon design and create a beautiful flat icon set by combining and overlaying shapes

Photoshop for iPad - Essential Training

Master advanced design techniques using photoshop on the iPad

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Download the checklist we use in our agency that guides us through each app we design.


"I am mostly a Sketch user and never though that figma will cover the things I enjoy doing in Sketch. Now that I have a better understanding of what’s on the table, the features of Figma got me hooked!"


"Caleb is experienced and knows how to transfer his experience in his lectures. I thought he has prepared well and the course is easy to follow also for beginners in this field like myself."

Robert Evans

"Great course. Clear and concise. Now I have all the knowledge I need to do a full mobile application mockup. 100% what I was looking for – a good introduction into Adobe Xd"

Corne Smith

About the Instructor

Caleb Kingston - Award winning designer and founder at brainspin

I’ve been designing apps for over a decade. In 2010, I founded brainspin and since then, my team and I have designed and developed many high profile web and mobile applications ranging from 3D medical aided software to industry management and consumer mobile applications.
I am also the founder of a large local design organization, Salt Lake Designers, where I and other local influencers help cultivate the talents of up and coming UX designers through workshops and panel discussions.

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