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How I Increased Online Revenue

Jul 25, 2022

Using Full Story and Google Optimize

As a designer, I always have ideas of enhancing existing designs to look “prettier” but it becomes a challenge predicting or determining if a prettier design will actually improve a specific goal. In this case, goal conversions to the classes page.


The Design Challenge

Legal Heat sells Concealed Carry and Firearm Safety classes in over 30 states.

They initially hired Brainspin to enhance their SEO and paid marketing strategies and improvements were yielding results very fast. But the designer in me kept thinking about the On-Page Optimization and ways a more fresh and simple design could increase sales. The Original Legal Heat Homepage

When I first viewed this home page, I thought there was far too much going on and it may be confusing visitors. In fact, it would be safe to assume showing someone this home page, it would take them a while to understand what My Legal Heat’s product was.

As I talked with the team at Legal Heat, I proposed to freshen up the Home Page design and hypothesized that it could increase the amount of people visiting the class page and in-turn convert more sales.

The New Legal Heat Home Page

My idea was to keep things simple, have one red call-to-action button with verbiage that invited them what to do next and then include secondary links and options that weren’t as emphasized, below.

Because I had no real data to back up my theory on this design, I had a hard time convincing them of the ROI of a good design but ultimately convinced them to let me try testing this design to see what we could find in the results.

The Tools I used to test my design, and how they work

I used Google Optimize to split my audience to the 2-page versions

Google optimize is a tool used for testing different versions of a page or design. Although this tool works great for splitting website visitors from one page to another, the insights and data it provides on the design is minimal and quite lacking. I only used Google Optimize, in this case, to split my audience and send them to both home page versions.

I used Full Story to create event funnels and record user sessions

FullStory, as the name suggests, is a tool to help you get the full story of a user’s behavior on your site. I used this tool to segment my visitors on each page and create funnels to reveal how many people click through to the classes page and then convert to customers. This amazing tool also records the session of each and every user so you can record their session to help you discover errors or why they might not be going through to a page.

I have got to say, Fullstory is going to be the single greatest marketing tool I will have as a designer. To be able to watch visitors as they react to a new design life and segment them out into behaviors to learn more about optimizing my designs are things I can use to propose new design solutions for happier customers.

The Results

So with the new update, we had almost 3x as many clicks on the primary classes call to action button and, more importantly, this resulted in over 2x people from the home page making a purchase.

We found this design increased the funnel results, not only overall, but in all device categories from mobile phones to desktops and the mobile visitors had the biggest increase in conversions due to the design being designed to account for mobile phones as the browser width decreased.

After seeing these stats, we have made the new Legal Heat page design live and you can check it out here!

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