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Find Out What Your Website Visitors are Up To Using FullStory

Jul 25, 2022

For those that are not aware of FullStory, it’s an online tool that records all user sessions on your site and gives you massive insight into how easy your site is to use and what areas you can optimize. Actually, there are hundreds of other use cases, but for a UX Designer, this is a powerful way to see if that new design you spent so long on actually has worth to your users or if you need to change it around just a bit.

At brainspin, we use fullstory on behalf of our client’s websites for A/B testing through cart and checkout funnels, lead gen funnels, or to troubleshoot issues in software.

I was introduced to FullStory in an event hosted by Gus Morgan, the head of FullStory accounts and since then, Gus has been amazing at reaching out and making sure we have what our agency needs and he’s super great at listening to feedback that can improve the platform.

In his recent trip to Salt Lake, he also stopped by to see how things were going and to give me this sweet surprise! It’s amazing to see the level of care a person/company will go through for one of their smallest clients.

Thanks, Gus!

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