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What’s new in Adobe XD?

Jul 25, 2022

Adobe XD has come a long way since I introduced my online course. In this July 2018 release, we have some great productivity updates that will increase workflow, like:

Replacing symbols with another symbol

After using the same symbol hundreds of times in your project, it used to be tedious having to replace each symbol. Not anymore! Adobe XD now allows you to drag and drop any symbol from the assets panel onto another symbol in your project to replace it everywhere throughout the project 😀

Pasting Elements onto other artboards

Need to paste an image or object onto multiple artboards in the same place? Adobe XD has you covered. Copy any image or item into your clipboard, select multiple artboards and paste. The object will paste onto the same X,Y coordinates on each artboard and make it easy to move them all where they’re needed.


Photoshop Integration Improvements

Now you can import stroke effects and image effects from photoshop to Adobe XD. This includes inner shadows, bevels, emboss, glow, satin, color overlays, gradient overlays, pattenr overlays, and drop shadows. The sad news is, all these effects are all rasterized when you import them.

Sketch integration enhancements

When you convert a Sketch document to Adobe XD, you now have Visual Separators for pages on the canvas, Improved text support, You can import Sketches native wires to retain the prototyping, Import global color swatches, and import symbols as sticker sheets on canvas.


Password protect your designs.

You can now place a password on you Adobe XD document to save it from prying eyes when passing it along via email, slack, or anywhere else.


Auto-Recovery of documents.

Now XD restores files automatically in case of a system or software crash. Now it’s important to note that auto-recovery does not mean auto-save. You still need to practice saving often.

What is coming in future Adobe XD releases!

Adobe has promised future updates that include support for responsive design and more robust animated prototyping, which will be a very warm welcome to designers getting serious about switching to Adobe XD from other tools.

What features would you like to see in future releases? Let me know in the comments below!

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