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Learn how to design a beautiful and engaging mobile app with Figma. Learn-by-doing approach.




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Who should take this course

This course is meant for all levels whether you’re a seasoned UI/UX designer looking to learn a new tool or you’re just getting into UI/UX design.


Wanting to improve your skills and learn the latest design trends


Wanting to switch to a program dedicated exclusively for UX design


Wanting an all-in-one solution for designing and prototyping


Wanting to increase their design skills to create better products and communicate more effectively with developers

What you will Learn

Figma is a very powerful application that runs online. There are virtually no platform boundaries when it comes to using figma because you can design within a web browser or using their desktop application made for windows and macs. Figma is similar to Sketch and Adobe XD but is the more powerful of the three when it comes to team collaboration and responsive, fast paced design.

Join me as we design a Chef’s Recipe App and learn the following


The Interface

We're going to cover the entire interface to help you become familiar with the tools and canvas before we get started into the design.

Setting up projects

Learn best practices for starting your project off the right way including setting up your project, adding artboards, and using the layout grids.

Laying out content

Learn how to add and edit images, shapes, and text to layout your designs. We'll also cover importing media from other resources to help speed up your workflow.

Using UI Kits

Get a head start on your designs by working with UI kits like bootstrap, iOS, or Material Design templates. We'll even cover importing UI kits from other design tools.

Responsive Design

Learn how to set constraints on your designs so your layout can look it's best on any screen size. We'll also cover advanced features such as constraining your designs using the layout grid.

Working with Components

Learn how to set up and use components for reusable graphics and elements. Setting up components correctly can help you make changes to your entire design in just a few seconds.

Real-time Collaboration

Figma has powerful real-time collaboration built in so multiple team members can open the same document and work along side each other in real-time.

Creating a prototype

Learn how to connect your designs into an interactive prototype with custom animations, popup overlays, horizontal and vertical scrolling, and more.

Sharing your design

Learn how to set up and use components for reusable graphics and elements. Setting up components correctly can help you make changes to your entire design in just a few seconds.

By the numbers



Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

Caleb is experienced and knows how to transfer his experience in his lectures. I thought he has prepared well and the course is easy to follow also for beginners in this field like myself.
Robert Evans
I am mostly a Sketch user and never thought that figmma would cover the things I enjoy doing in Sketch. Now that I have a better understanding of what's on the table, the features of Figma got me hooked!

This course was suitable for designers who what to learn Figma with clear instructions that are easy to follow. the instructor provides complete files that are easy to use during learning. The well prepared learning stages helped me understand more.

Alim Akhsan

I'm a developer and I wanted to learn quickly how Figma works, in the meantime I wanted to learn some practises on designing beautiful Websites and Apps. I think this course was very useful for that, thanks.


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