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10 Best Techniques to Reduce Bounce Rate on your Blog

Jul 25, 2022

(Link to InfoGraphic Included)

Devrix has created a pleasant InfoGraphic illustrating the 10 Best Techniques to reducing bounce rates on your blog. This infographic includes tips like including high-value keywords, improving your call to action feature to be striking yet brief, when and when not to use popups, and how to use them if you must, and keeping the content fresh.

Click to View Infographic

A lot of the ideas behind this infographic can also be used for any landing page in general. Thinking about who your ideal visitors are, and crafting every element in your content to be pleasant for your visitors.

When you don’t start through the eyes of your audience, you can have a page that looks and feels pleasant but also has a high bounce rate because you missed the whole idea.

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