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Slack Group for UX Designers: App Design Club

Jul 25, 2022

The App Design Club slack group was founded to help new and seasoned UX Designers share ideas about design and user experience research. In this group, you’ll find regularly posted articles about the latest tools and case studies of others and you can share your projects for feedback.

To maintain the value of the App Design Club, we have some very simple guidelines: be open and willing to share your experience, help others, and be respectful.

If this sounds like a group you want to be part of, signing up is easy and can be done here.

Discuss design tools and features to enhance your design process.

Share your projects for review and feedback from others in the group

Submit your designs from the challenge for feedback, upvotes, and retweets to help give your portfolio some recognition.

Any UX or UI events happening will be posted here.

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