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Want to Bring Your Product or Idea to Market? I Recommend This Complete Digital Marketing Course by Daragh Walsh

Jul 25, 2022

I know it’s probably best practice to start the first blog on my website and welcome my target audience, but I wanted to first thank Daragh Walsh, for his Online Course The Complete Digital Marketing Course.

This course teaches you crucial marketing steps for any idea you want to bring to this world. Daragh goes over creating a buyer persona to learn who your customer is, using tools for customer research, leveraging online and social channels to build product proof and a potential lead list, and much more.

The exciting thing about his course, is these are the processes, he has used to earn over 119,006 students of his own.

I stumbled across this course as I had the seed of an idea to create a brand around my design courses and youtube videos. Which are both still very new and not yet off the ground.

After spending 20 minutes inside this course, I could tell that following each step in this course religiously would greatly enhance the success of this new idea.

At the time of this writing, I only have a few dozen youtube views, I have some fairly successful design courses on Udemy, and I haven’t had one visitor on my site.

This endorsement will prove much more honest and valuable, months later, when I have followed and completed this 20-hour course to the end and adapted the processes for my own idea.

Thank you, Daragh and I hope you have an awesome new year!

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