EditorX Masterclass

Learn how to acquire customers, create winning proposals, plan websites, and build custom animated websites using EditorX




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Who should take this course

This course is meant for all levels whether you’re a seasoned web designer looking to learn EditorX or you’re just getting into web design.


Wanting to incorporate web building into their proposal without having to learn code


Wanting to expand their design skillset in the world of web design and creation


Wanting a fast way to build compelling landing pages with complete control over the experience.

What you will Learn

EditorX is a very powerful website building that enables designers to build compelling websites rich with animation and the latest CSS design standards all without using code. 
This course will walk you through how to plan for and build the same compelling website we use at our agency, brainspin. By the end of this course you will learn everything from pitching your services to prospective clients, filling out a creative brief, creating a proposal, to building, publishing, and handing off your website to clients.

Interface Introduction

We're going to walk you through the EditorX interface to get you familiar with the features and settings we'll be using along the course.

Project Planning

Learn how to create a project brief as you meet with customers. How to create compelling proposals and how to plan your website design for your client's success.

Creating an Agency Website

Learn how create the same agency website we use at brainspin.com using EditorX. We'll walk you through creating pages, adding responsive layout and stunning animations and setting up a CMS that allows you to populate your websites design using a database.

Responsive Design

Learn how to set constraints on your designs so your layout can look it's best on any screen size. We'll also cover advanced features such as constraining your designs using the layout grid.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to optimize your websites using the latest SEO standards and offer continued SEO as a value add for your clients.


Learn best practices for publishing your newly created website and how to handoff to clients in a way that enables you to still offer the best support for future updates and maintenance.

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