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Master advanced design techniques using photoshop on the iPad

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 What You Will Learn

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The Interface

Learn how to navigate around photoshop's interface and use touch gestures to speed up your productivity.

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Working With Layers

Learn how layers work and how to work with layer properties including layer and clipping masks. 

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Adjustment Layers

Learn how to use adjustment layers to make your images pop. Using clipped adjustment layers allows you to edit specific regions in a photograph. 

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Section Techniques

Master the marque and quick select tool and take advantage of the new "select subject" feature to make smart selections.We'll also cover refining selections in complex areas such as hair. 

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Image Transformation

Learn to scale, skew and rotate layers to fit your composition. We’ll also cover correcting perspective in images and skewing images to create 3D mockups of our designs.

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Blend Modes

Learn how to blend multiple layers together using advanced blending techniques to achieve a truly unique style to your compositions.

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Brushes and colors

Learn how to work with colors, how to select and edit brush styles to achieve a stroke that fits your design. We’ll cover brushing inside clipping make and applying a layer mask to a painted layer and blending paint layers together to fine-tune colors.

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Photo Retouching

Learn how to remove distracting elements using the spot healing brush and clone stamp tools and learn how to remove larger elements from an image while preserving the quality of the original image.

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Fixing an Aged Photo

Learn how to fix tears and dust on an aged black and white photograph and learn how to apply color to bring the image back to life.

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Double Exposure Images

Learn how to blend two images together to achieve a double-exposure look that could belong on the cover of a magazine.

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Access Free Graphics

Learn where you can go to access royalty-free photos and graphics to use in your designs.

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Syncing to the Cloud

Learn how to sync your projects in the cloud to access on the desktop or tablet any time you need.

Who should take this course

This course is meant for all levels whether you’re a seasoned UI/UX Designer looking to learn a new tool or you’re just getting into UI/UX Design.

Wanting to improve their skills and learn the latest design tools
Wanting to switch to a program dedicated exclusively for UX design
Wanting an all-in-one solution for designing and prototyping
Wanting to increase their design skills to create better products and communicate more effectively with developers
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By the numbers

Photoshop for iPad has over 300 students with over 1 hour of learning material and a 4.7 star review average.






Star Reviews

Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

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This is an excellent course for learning Photoshop on my iPad. Your instruction was very clear and easy to understand.

Linda Hodgdon

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So far so good, what I expect to learn from any good class, to the point, presented in the order needed to get into the software and start working.

Luis Roman

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Excellent intro to Photoshop for iPad & also good review of Photoshop in general -- I am a little rusty!

Leonard Harman

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