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Follow Charlie For Advice From a Self Taught Designer

A few weeks ago, I published an article that includes 8 YouTube channels to follow in 2018 for UI Design. But I wanted to include one more. Why?

Charlie Lewis is a Graphic Designer/YouTuber that has a vlog with great advice like how to brand yourself online and on social channels, how to build and enhance your portfolio, and ways to work with clients as a freelancer.

Although his videos are primarily focused on graphic design in general, the advice he gives can be used for UI and UX Designers to help them achieve value in their work.

Here’s a video I especially like for up and coming designers.

How To Make Your Student Graphic Design Portfolio More Professional For First Job Interviews

This video walks you through some key tips to consider when building your brand and portfolio for others to see.

To see Charlie’s work and learn more about him, you can visit his website and portfolio.



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