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Don’t think you can animate your Figma Designs? Think Again!

figma Mar 26, 2019

With the latest version of Protopie, you can easily import all the layers of your Figma design to create some custom high-fidelity interactions, and it couldn’t be any simpler (unless it was built right into Figma).

To import your designs, you simply open your Figma Project and then open protopie and go to File > Import > Figma.

Once all your layers are in protopie, you can add some rich triggers and interactions to really make your designs come to life.

If you want a demo of how this all works, I have a video for you!

If you’re just getting started in Figma and want to learn more, check out our Figma Essential Training course where you can learn to design and prototype a complete mobile app from scratch!

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