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How I Increased Online Revenue by Using Full Story and Google Optimize

As a designer, I always have ideas of enhancing existing designs to look “prettier” but it becomes a challenge predicting or determining if a prettier design will actually improve a specific goal. In this case, goal conversions to the classes page. The Design Challenge Legal Heat sells Concealed Carry and Firearm Safety classes in over…
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Follow Charlie For Advice From a Self Taught Designer

A few weeks ago, I published an article that includes 8 YouTube channels to follow in 2018 for UI Design. But I wanted to include one more. Why? Hey friends, you forgot one! — Charlie Lewis đź’¤ (@ceklewis) January 10, 2018 Charlie Lewis is a Graphic Designer/YouTuber that has a vlog with great advice…
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Want to Automatically Set Padding, Spacing, and Alignment to Your Objects In Sketch? There’s a Plugin For That!

Hi Folks! DWilliames has created an awesome plugin for Sketch! This plugin gives your objects the power to jump to a preset layer padding, spacing and distribution, and alignment. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can do with Paddy. And if you want a hands on demonstration of how to use Paddy in your…
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Figma Reinvented the Pen Tool

Figma has been making waves in a number of waves. Even being dubbed the most promising up and coming design tool in 2017. There are a number of reasons for this, but I will be talking specifically about the Pen Tool and how they have reinvented it.   As you can see in the video,…
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How to Convert Photoshop to Sketch

Have you finally learned how awesome Sketch is and the wonderful ways you can use it as an interface designer? Are you currently using photoshop and cringe when you think about making the switch? Well Avocode has a tool to simplify that process and save you dozens (or hundreds) of hours. Convert PSD to Sketch…
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2018 UI Design Trends to Watch Out For

Manojkumar Mylsamy has created a compelling list of design trends you’ll want to watch out for in 2018 and here they are: Gradients In 2018, we are starting to see vibrant color schemes with bright colors and deep contrast. You can see an example from Asana Isolated Illustrations Custom illustrations will help your site stand out…
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InVision Studio is Going to Be Big. Here’s Why You Should Care.

Before the days of Sketch, designers had to rely heavily on tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks for web design. And none of them were built for the needs of modern web and app design. Sketch quickly filled a need for designers, fast becoming the industry standard screen design tool, but they too were…
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Adobe XD and Zeplin Have Teamed Up for Better Design Handoff

A new Adobe XD update is here and among a few other things, it features Support for Zeplin Integration. 

How to use Team Libraries in Figma

If you’re working with a teams and designing for multiple projects, team libraries is a must! Think of it like CSS for designers. Instead of designing the same buttons or creating the same colors in multiple projects, you can create it one one place and share everywhere. This comes in especially handy when you decide…
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How to Create an icon set in Sketch

You might have stumbled on this article because you want to know how to import icons into sketch. Now, if you’re looking for the short answer, you can always drag and drop icons from any folder into sketch, but this tutorial is a bit more AWESOME than that. You can always skip the article and…
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